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About the My Spy Birdhouse

The My Spy Birdhouse is a see through birdhouse that lets you spy inside without disturbing the birds. It has a crystal clear acrylic window that gives you the perfect window into the secret life of birds. The My Spy Birdhouse attaches to any glass window using all-weather suction cups that are strong enough for all year around. It is the perfect size for typical backyard bird species including wren, nuthatches and chickadees. The My Spy Birdhouse even has a front perch for birds that like to hang out.


The My Spy Birdhouse offers a safe and comfortable home for birds to raise their young and, with a little bit of patience, you can peek inside their world and witness the miracle of nature. This unique birdhouse teaches kids how to observe and not disturb. It can also keep birdwatchers of all ages entertained.

The My Spy Birdhouse comes with a detachable 2-way mirror so you can see in, but the birds can’t see out. It also includes an indoor hanging privacy curtain card and the front perch. Right now the My Spy Birdhouse also comes with a BONUS Up-Close Bird Feeder. To learn more about the My Spy Birdhouse – or to place an order – visit the official My Spy Birdhouse website.

Hanging Out With My Spy Birdhouse – All Birds Are Invited!

my-spy-birdhouse-dave-ryan-showMy Spy Birdhouse was recently reviewed in a video posted on the Dave Ryan Show channel. Dave demonstrates how he has hung the My Spy Birdhouse in a focal point area of his house – the kitchen. Near the window are displays of children’s artwork and a sense of family and warmth is apparent. It seems the perfect place for My Spy Birdhouse to be positioned for the entire family to watch and enjoy.

Dave explains how he hung the My Spy Birdhouse and his expectations for the see-through birdhouse. “This is a birdhouse that I thought was really cool… You can see the inside of the birdhouse and the birds will eventually come in, they can’t really see in.”

With the My Spy Birdhouse set up and ready in his home, Dave announces, “All birds are invited!”

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My Spy Birdhouse Has Staying Power!

Recently reviewed on the Gimme Freebies site, My Spy Birdhouse was praised for its stability and durability. “Frugal Mom” – and her young daughter – are avid nature lovers and it was very important for them to feel confident that the birds that use My Spy Birdhouse would be safe. “Frugal Mom” says, “I wouldn’t feel right promoting something that could fall and hurt a baby bird.”


In particular, she was concerned about the performance of the suction cups that come with My Spy Birdhouse. Other products with suction cups that she has used in the past have proven to be unreliable and they came unattached unexpectedly.

But the My Spy Birdhouse passed her test and they even withstood the dramatic temperature and weather changes of a Michigan winter. Frugal Mom was impressed! “I would say without hesitation that the My Spy Birdhouse suction cups are superb….”

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My Spy Birdhouse Provides an Insider’s Look

myspy-birdhouse-review-la-splashThe review website LA Splash recently recommended that their readers “Get an Insider Look into Nature with the My Spy Birdhouse!”

The review explains how the My Spy Birdhouse attaches to any window and allows for close-up observation of the birds because the clear acrylic window on the back of the birdhouse is aligned with your window. The review further states that the My Spy Birdhouse “…offers a private and cozy setting for birds. It has a two-way mirror film that lets you see in, while preventing the birds from seeing out. It also comes with an indoor ‘Do Not Disturb’ curtain card to give the birds privacy and block light at night.”

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My Spy Birdhouse is Fun for Adults and Kids!

On her review site, Eighty MPH Mom, Jennifer reviewed the My Spy Birdhouse and says, “I think the My Spy Birdhouse is a really amazing idea.”

Jennifer explains, “My Spy Birdhouse is a birdhouse that sticks to your window using suction cups and one side of the birdhouse is open so that you can see into it through your window. It comes with a two-way mirror so birds won’t know you’re peeking at them, or a little shade to cover it completely.”


Her entire family was really excited when they got My Spy Birdhouse. Jennifer says, “…my mom had been talking nonstop about how we needed to get this birdhouse as soon as possible!” Now that they have it, My Spy Birdhouse will serve as “the coolest learning tool, fun for adults and kids!”

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My Spy Birdhouse Back to School Special!


It is time to head back to school! Get your kids excited about learning with the My Spy Birdhouse.  The My Spy Birdhouse is a wonderful and excellent way for bird watchers and animal enthusiasts of all ages to observe and study nature.  For a limited time only, you’ll get FREE birdseeds when you order the My Spy Birdhouse bonus offer. There’s nothing that keeps beautiful birds coming around more frequently than high quality bird food, made domestically in the USA.

Learn more about the MySpy Birdhouse Back to School Special and how you can place you’re order today!

New Neighbors Move into My Spy Birdhouse!

Epic Review Guys created a new video review updating everyone on the status of residency in their My Spy Birdhouse. While waiting for some birds to setup a nest in their My Spy Birdhouse, Epic Guys realized they had mistakenly placed the two-way mirror on the wrong way (be sure to see our post about correct placement). They fixed their error and birds have moved in!

Their video shows how the My Spy Birdhouse works in their setting. They explain their experience as they capture the changes over the course of a few days. Within a short time, the birds have arrived and started to nest in their My Spy Birdhouse.

Watch the My Spy Birdhouse update from Epic Review Guys



The My Spy Birdhouse is Great for Apartment Living

my-spy-birdhouse-reviews-sciencelineOn the Life Science blog, Scienceline: the Shortest Distance Between You and Science, the My Spy Birdhouse is reviewed as “marketing products that matter.”

The reviewer praised the My Spy Birdhouse for allowing an opportunity to experience a unique aspect of nature – watching birds nest and eggs hatch ¬¬- without intruding on the birds, “It allows anyone with a window to witness, firsthand, the birthing process of another species, something a lot of people may never see otherwise.”

In particular, city dwellers who may be very limited with space and time can experience the benefit of enjoying a living creature without the responsibility of much commitment. As the reviewer describes, “It’s almost like having a pet bird without having to do anything for it. Although you also can’t touch it, and it has no idea you exist. Other than that, it’s just like having a pet.”

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My Spy Birdhouse is the Coolest!

myspy-birdhhouse-reviews-outnumbered-3-to-1On her blog, Outnumbered 3 to 1: Real Reviews from Real Moms Keeping it Real, Katrina reviewed the My Spy Birdhouse and states, “The coolest thing I have seen in a while would have to be the My Spy Birdhouse.”

For both children and adults, the My Spy Birdhouse is an ideal way to see nature in action without affecting the birds. Katrina says she likes to “get [her daughters] toys and books that are educational to help foster their love of science” and the My Spy Birdhouse followed suit.

The birdhouse offers an excellent way for children and grown-ups to learn through direct observation. Katrina suggests the My Spy Birdhouse “would make great gifts for kids or adults! Even adults that have come over to my house think it is super neat.”

Katrina adds that the My Spy Birdhouse fits in very well with her outdoor décor. “It completely blends in and I like the basic look of it.”

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Exploring the My Spy Birdhouse with James Currie and WGN

Bird expert James Currie visited WGN News in Chicago this morning to discuss ways to get kids interested in nature and the outdoors and he recommends the My Spy Birdhouse!

The My Spy Birdhouse “allows you to look right into the life cycle of the bird, and see how birds actually get to raise their young, make a nest, bring their babies up, and actually witness the whole lifecycle before your eyes” Currie notes.

Currie goes on to say that this is a great way to encourage kids to look beyond the walls of their home. “They’re in the house, they might not actually know there are birds outside, they might not see them, and it gets the birds to come to them.”

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